Psychological Support

What is psychological support

Psychological support is provided to children and adolescents by specialized psychologists in order to address psychological difficulties and problems encountered.

Some of the issues that employ parents are presented below.

  • My child is afraid to go to school.
  • My child is nervous.
  • My child doesn’t listen to me at all.
  • My child is reactive.
  • My child got a low self-esteem.
  • My child doesn’t sleep alone in his room.
  • My child is jealous of his/her brother/sister.
  • My child keeps getting locked up in his room and doesn’t want to spend time with us.
  • My child is under pressure from his classmates to do things that we don’t approve of as parents.
  • My child cries every morning and refuses to go to school.
  • My child is afraid to go alone to his room located on the second floor.
  • My child is acting all immature.
  • My child steals stuff from his classmates.

Parent Counselling

The Parents ‘ counseling aims to strengthen the role of each parent so that he/she can help the child to mature emotionally, to cope effectively with his difficulties and eventually to self-destruct.

The Parents Counseling is aimed at parents of all ages, and the most frequently mentioned topics are:

  • Behavior problems,
  • Children’s emotional difficulties, anxiety, phobias, etc.,
  • socialization difficulties
  • Divorce, loss,
  • Mourning
  • Bullying,
  • Difficulties in school adaptation,
  • Learning disabilities;
  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder,
  • Organic, and developmental problems

The sessions Are conducted either exclusively with the parents or the parent/guardian, or in addition to the individual treatment of the child.